Platform Applications and Add-Ons

  • CLA Grants Management Application Demo for Intacct

    Do you have 11 minutes and 39 seconds? Want to see how you can manage your grants from one central location within Intacct? Check out this demo on the CLA Grants Management Module!


  • Intacct: CLA Grants Application and Revenue Recognition

    Get a sneak peak into the CLA Intacct Grants Management Application and learn how we made creating dimensions and recognizing revenue a simpler process through the platform.


  • SalesForce and Intacct Customization – Contacts and Emails

    Today’s post will cover a neat customization tip for all the SalesForce/Intacct users out there! Would you like the flexibility to choose who to send an invoice to from your opportunity based on related contacts on the account? Currently, though it is a common request, it’s not easily possible via the standard integration and workflow. You would have to update the account, sync to a customer, then sync the order. Today’s post will cover how to make this possible with just a few customizations in Intacct and SalesForce!


  • CLA Allocations Management for Nonprofits – Part 1

    If you’ve seen the video of CLA’s Allocations Management application, you might wonder how you could potentially use allocations in your company. Today’s post will target Nonprofit companies as we start our three-part series on specific scenarios in which NFP’s can take advantage of the allocations management application, how to set them up in allocations management, and completely eliminate that which is the time-consuming month end process of allocations.


  • Custom Application: Expired Credit Cards Customer Payment Manager

    Intacct’s subscription business model has become increasingly popular and successful with both customers and businesses alike. For customers, the ease of signing up, always having the service you require, and low hassle really makes it ideal.


  • Vendor Relationship Management: Leases

    Have you been managing leases in Excel? Learn how you can easily manage leases in Intacct, see monthly payment amounts, products leased, and auto-created payment schedules simply by entering the lease begin date, end date, months, and monthly payment. Today’s blog post will give an overview of the leases component of the Vendor Relationship Management Module.


  • Vendor Relationship Management: Contracts and Agreements

    Partaking in business transaction in our economy involves regularly dealing with other businesses which usually involves contractual agreements of some type whether that be with a new Vendor or a new Customer. You may currently be filing these contracts in a filing cabinet somewhere or possibly keeping track of them in an Excel spreadsheet, but imagine if instead you could track them within your accounting software. What benefits might there be? In Intacct, you can create custom applications to fit your business.


  • Working Smarter with Intacct Smart Event API Calls

    Now that you have dimension relationships set up and your data has never been cleaner and your reports more accurate you may also wonder what else can we automate? What if you could have Intacct automatically fill out the Project Type whenever a new project is set up that has a name starting with NE? Well now you can with Smart Event API’s.


  • Intacct Conditional Smart Rules

    Now that basic Smart Rules are a breeze, someone is bound to ask about a more complicated situation. What if you have a situation where you need a Smart Rule to do one thing on a certain action, but another on a different set of actions? Is that even possible? Well let me tell you, that it is possible with Intacct!


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