General Ledger

  • Intacct: Graphs for Dashboards

    Were you awed by the impressive (and real-time) dashboards you saw during your initial Sage Intacct demo? Were you mesmerized by the eye-catching graphs? Today you’ll learn how in 7 steps and about 15-30 minutes you can create your own!


  • CLA Grants Management Application Demo for Intacct

    Do you have 11 minutes and 39 seconds? Want to see how you can manage your grants from one central location within Intacct? Check out this demo on the CLA Grants Management Module!


  • Helpful Intacct Smart Rules

    Have you ever accidentally created a GL account at the entity level of your company instead of at the top? Why pay a price to fix a mistake after the fact when you can avoid it all together? Today’s post will take you through how to completely avoid this situation by providing just a few Smart Rules to ensure these objects are created at the top level!


  • Intacct Standard Allocations

    What factor do you use to allocate utility costs across dimensions? You can’t very well allocate all of the phone bill expenses to the Sales Department (even though they likely are the ones most frequently using the phone!). Do you run the General Ledger for a set account (or range of accounts and dimension filters) and then take that aggregate monthly amount and allocate by a percentage? OR do you enter the allocation at the time that you enter your AP bill? Therein lies lies the answer to whether you should use Intacct’s Standard Allocations or CLA’s Allocation Management. Today’s post will cover the topic of Intacct’s Allocation setup and use.


  • Preparing for Filing 1099’s with Intacct

    Are you ready to file 1099’s this year? What does the report display? No data? Incorrect amounts? Don’t panic, today’s post will guide you through the steps necessary to make sure your company is 1099 ready! We’ll break down approaching 1099’s in Intacct into three main sections.


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