OCC Issues Retail Lending Booklet

Safety and Soundness Category in Comptroller’s Handbook

April 12, 2017, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued Bulletin 2017-15 “New Comptroller’s Handbook Booklet” announcing its issuance of a new “Retail Lending” booklet.

The Retail Lending booklet of the Comptroller’s Handbook is part of the “Safety and Soundness” category of the Comptroller’s Handbook and discusses the risks associated with retail lending common across product types. The booklet provides a framework for evaluating retail credit risk management activities offered directly, through various platforms, and indirectly through different origination sources. Additional booklets cover risk management activities specific to particular retail products. For example, the “Residential Real Estate Lending” booklet contains information specific residential mortgage lending activity which applies in addition to the fundamental principles covered in this Retail Lending booklet.

These booklets supplement the core assessment sections of the “Large Bank Supervision,” “Community Bank Supervision,” and “Federal Branches and Agency Supervision” booklets of the Comptroller’s Handbook. The booklet applies to examinations of all institutions engaged in retail lending.

The “Retail Lending” booklet describes

  • Characteristics of an effective retail credit risk management framework.
  • Criteria examiners should consider when evaluating retail credit originations, account management, collections, and portfolio management activities and processes.
  • Objectives of control functions commonly used in a retail lending business to measure performance, make decisions about risk, and assess the effectiveness of processes and personnel.

View the booklet here:


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Marissa Blundell, JD, principal, services as CLA Bankers Advisory’s chief operating officer, overseeing all quality control and compliance assessment services. She is a graduate of Skidmore College and New England School of Law. She is admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. Marissa provides compliance training to clients, conducts public training webinars, and speaks at state and regional industry events. She is co-chair of the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association Legislative Committee and is a member of the Mortgage Action Alliance Steering Committee and the national Mortgage Bankers Association's Quality Assurance Committee.

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