Arizona Adopts Provisions Regarding Notary Fees

The Arizona Office of the Secretary of State amended provisions relating to notary public fees: Arizona Administrative Code Section R2-12-1102. These amendments require a notary public to:

  • keep a fee schedule posted at all times in a conspicuous location;
  • select a standard fee for a notarial act ranging from “no charge” up to $10;
  • use the template in Exhibit 1 of Section R2-12-1102 when posting fees; and
  • inform the requestor of the service what the fee will be before performing any notarial act.

Fees a notary may charge in Arizona have not increased in 21 years; up to $2 per signature notarized. A notary may increase fees under these new provisions; for acknowledgement or jurat, a notary may charge up to $10 per notary signature, up to $10 per page certified for a copy certification, and up to $10 per notarial act for an oath or affirmation.

These provisions are effective on March 5, 2018. The full text of these provisions can be found in the following document:

  • 781-402-6326

Robert Harrison, JD, is a regulatory compliance consultant with Bankers Advisory. He is a graduate of Boston University and earned his juris doctor at the Boston University School of Law. Robert is admitted to the Bar in Massachusetts.

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