CLA Grants Management Application Demo for Intacct

Do you have 11 minutes and 39 seconds? Did you know that’s exactly the amount of time it takes to set up in Intacct:

  • A Grantor (dimension and additional information)
  • A Grant
  • Multiple AR Invoices to recognize revenue and create a promises to give summary
  • Create Deadlines related to a grant
  • Store Grant Documents
  • Create a Grant Budget

With the CLA Grants Management Application for Intacct you can manage all of this from one central location within Intacct! Check out this demo on the CLA Grants Management Module!


Intrigued? Want more information? Reach out to us!

If you have federal grants which you manage (not to fear!) it’s currently a work in progress.

  • 571-227-9512

Kathy Jastrzebski is a consultant with CLA’s Intacct team. CLA is an Intacct Premier Partner with a partnership that spans over 15 years and more than 400 successful implementations. Kathy brings five years of accounting experience in the manufacturing, products, service, and nonprofit industries. Along with her accounting experience, she has a passion for leveraging technology to lead finance teams worldwide through system implementations with a mission of increasing department efficiency through business process improvements.


I’m excited to have this new functionality available for my clients!

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