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  • Intacct Collaborate

    In today’s post learn how to enable Collaborate in Intacct as well as a few business use case scenarios.


  • SalesForce and Intacct Customization – Contacts and Emails

    Today’s post will cover a neat customization tip for all the SalesForce/Intacct users out there! Would you like the flexibility to choose who to send an invoice to from your opportunity based on related contacts on the account? Currently, though it is a common request, it’s not easily possible via the standard integration and workflow. You would have to update the account, sync to a customer, then sync the order. Today’s post will cover how to make this possible with just a few customizations in Intacct and SalesForce!


  • Customizing your Intacct SalesForce Max Integration

    Whether you are already live on Intacct and SalesForce or just beginning to consider your business’s next software jump, today’s post will go through some of the customization worth considering when setting up the integration between Intacct and SalesForce and how these customizations ultimately benefit your company when it comes to reporting.


  • Intacct Cloud Ecosystem Part 2: SalesForce Integration

    SalesForce and Intacct are the definition of a perfectly efficient interdependent relationship with seamless communication. A single company is comprised of many departments working together. So, what makes the difference between an efficient, cohesive company and one that is desperate departments? Communication.


  • Intacct Cloud Ecosystem: and Paypal Integration

    Whether you’re choosing an expense software, payroll, grant management, payment gateway, or CRM, Intacct has a variety of choices. We’re here to help you create a happy, efficient cloud ecosystem. By spotlighting some key integrations, we’ll help your accounting and finance teams focus less on inefficient processes and more on driving your company’s business.


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