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  • Is it Time to Tune Up your Intacct Company?

    Perhaps it’s been years since your Intacct implementation and perhaps the Intacct subject matter experts have long since left the team. How do you work with what has already been set up by your predecessors to optimize your environment and reporting or day-to-day transactional processing? In today’s post we’ll go through a few ideas to help you with creative customizations to make the most out of your inherited system.


  • Intacct Collaborate

    In today’s post learn how to enable Collaborate in Intacct as well as a few business use case scenarios.


  • SalesForce and Intacct Customization – Contacts and Emails

    Today’s post will cover a neat customization tip for all the SalesForce/Intacct users out there! Would you like the flexibility to choose who to send an invoice to from your opportunity based on related contacts on the account? Currently, though it is a common request, it’s not easily possible via the standard integration and workflow. You would have to update the account, sync to a customer, then sync the order. Today’s post will cover how to make this possible with just a few customizations in Intacct and SalesForce!


  • Helpful Intacct Smart Rules

    Have you ever accidentally created a GL account at the entity level of your company instead of at the top? Why pay a price to fix a mistake after the fact when you can avoid it all together? Today’s post will take you through how to completely avoid this situation by providing just a few Smart Rules to ensure these objects are created at the top level!


  • Automating Emailing Purchase Orders to Vendors

    Did you know that you can automate emailing Purchase Orders to your Vendors? Even better: did you know you can set this up in just 2 easy steps? Why go through the extra step of emailing a purchase order when you can have Intacct do it for you automatically by simply checking a box?

    In this post, we’ll explain how to add a custom checkbox on your purchasing transaction(s) so that checking that box will automatically send the Purchase Order to the Vendor without you having to do anything more than simply check the box.


  • Custom Application: Expired Credit Cards Customer Payment Manager

    Intacct’s subscription business model has become increasingly popular and successful with both customers and businesses alike. For customers, the ease of signing up, always having the service you require, and low hassle really makes it ideal.


  • Customizing your Intacct SalesForce Max Integration

    Whether you are already live on Intacct and SalesForce or just beginning to consider your business’s next software jump, today’s post will go through some of the customization worth considering when setting up the integration between Intacct and SalesForce and how these customizations ultimately benefit your company when it comes to reporting.


  • Intacct Mini Application – Vendor ACH Audit Package

    Wouldn’t it be great if you received an email notification when a Vendor’s ACH information was added, edited, or deleted? That would surely give you some peace of mind! Well, with a combination of smart events and custom fields, Intacct allows precisely that!


  • Vendor Relationship Management: Leases

    Have you been managing leases in Excel? Learn how you can easily manage leases in Intacct, see monthly payment amounts, products leased, and auto-created payment schedules simply by entering the lease begin date, end date, months, and monthly payment. Today’s blog post will give an overview of the leases component of the Vendor Relationship Management Module.


  • Vendor Relationship Management: Contracts and Agreements

    Partaking in business transaction in our economy involves regularly dealing with other businesses which usually involves contractual agreements of some type whether that be with a new Vendor or a new Customer. You may currently be filing these contracts in a filing cabinet somewhere or possibly keeping track of them in an Excel spreadsheet, but imagine if instead you could track them within your accounting software. What benefits might there be? In Intacct, you can create custom applications to fit your business.


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