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Kathy Jastrzebski is a consultant with CLA’s Intacct team. CLA is an Intacct Premier Partner with a partnership that spans over 15 years and more than 400 successful implementations. Kathy brings five years of accounting experience in the manufacturing, products, service, and nonprofit industries. Along with her accounting experience, she has a passion for leveraging technology to lead finance teams worldwide through system implementations with a mission of increasing department efficiency through business process improvements.

Articles by Kathy Jastrzebski:

  • An Action Plan and Tips and Tricks for the New Sage Intacct Action UI

    Over Friday evening, Sage Intacct released their 4th release of 2017. That means we are closing in on the switch to the new Action User Interface next year. So how do you prepare your team for the switch to the Action UI that’s quickly creeping up on the horizon? We’d like to share a game plan as well as tips and tricks with you to help you transition your team!


  • Renewals With Sage Intacct and SalesForce

    Tracking a Customer’s renewal date is key for many businesses. If your business mainly consists of evergreeen contracts, renewals time gives you an opportunity to analyze a client’s contract and make sure it still meets their needs or has an opportunity for an up-sell for new products available. If your contracts expire at the end of a term, it’s key to track renewal date in order to issue renewal quotes and not lose a client. Learn how with a little bit of SalesForce magic and Sage Intacct integration you can automate the tracking of renewal dates!


  • Intacct: Graphs for Dashboards

    Were you awed by the impressive (and real-time) dashboards you saw during your initial Sage Intacct demo? Were you mesmerized by the eye-catching graphs? Today you’ll learn how in 7 steps and about 15-30 minutes you can create your own!


  • CLA Grants Management Application Demo for Intacct

    Do you have 11 minutes and 39 seconds? Want to see how you can manage your grants from one central location within Intacct? Check out this demo on the CLA Grants Management Module!


  • Intacct: CLA Grants Application and Revenue Recognition

    Get a sneak peak into the CLA Intacct Grants Management Application and learn how we made creating dimensions and recognizing revenue a simpler process through the platform.


  • Intacct: SalesForce Max and Reseller Setup

    Do you have a situation in which your customers purchase through a reseller? You likely need to bill the reseller but ship to the end customer (especially if tracking tax in Intacct). If you are using the SalesForce Max package to connect your Intacct and SalesForce companies there are two ways you can accomplish this set up. In this post we’ll briefly cover the first method and then do a deep dive into the more complex method. So follow along!


  • Is it Time to Tune Up your Intacct Company?

    Perhaps it’s been years since your Intacct implementation and perhaps the Intacct subject matter experts have long since left the team. How do you work with what has already been set up by your predecessors to optimize your environment and reporting or day-to-day transactional processing? In today’s post we’ll go through a few ideas to help you with creative customizations to make the most out of your inherited system.


  • Order Entry Invoices – Printing Payment Details on an Invoice

    In today’s post learn how in just a few steps you can customize your Intacct invoice format in Order Entry in order to display the payment details upon printing.


  • Intacct Collaborate

    In today’s post learn how to enable Collaborate in Intacct as well as a few business use case scenarios.


  • SalesForce and Intacct Customization – Contacts and Emails

    Today’s post will cover a neat customization tip for all the SalesForce/Intacct users out there! Would you like the flexibility to choose who to send an invoice to from your opportunity based on related contacts on the account? Currently, though it is a common request, it’s not easily possible via the standard integration and workflow. You would have to update the account, sync to a customer, then sync the order. Today’s post will cover how to make this possible with just a few customizations in Intacct and SalesForce!


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