September, 2016

  • Intacct: Financial Report Writer – Dimensional Reports

    Financial reports are the basis of vital business decisions guiding the direction and shaping the future of a company. Today’s post takes you step by step through creating a sample dimensional report (Customer Revenue – Month over Month) by using Intacct’s Financial Report Writer.


  • Customizing your Intacct SalesForce Max Integration

    Whether you are already live on Intacct and SalesForce or just beginning to consider your business’s next software jump, today’s post will go through some of the customization worth considering when setting up the integration between Intacct and SalesForce and how these customizations ultimately benefit your company when it comes to reporting.


  • Intacct Standard Allocations

    What factor do you use to allocate utility costs across dimensions? You can’t very well allocate all of the phone bill expenses to the Sales Department (even though they likely are the ones most frequently using the phone!). Do you run the General Ledger for a set account (or range of accounts and dimension filters) and then take that aggregate monthly amount and allocate by a percentage? OR do you enter the allocation at the time that you enter your AP bill? Therein lies lies the answer to whether you should use Intacct’s Standard Allocations or CLA’s Allocation Management. Today’s post will cover the topic of Intacct’s Allocation setup and use.


  • Intacct Mini Application – Vendor ACH Audit Package

    Wouldn’t it be great if you received an email notification when a Vendor’s ACH information was added, edited, or deleted? That would surely give you some peace of mind! Well, with a combination of smart events and custom fields, Intacct allows precisely that!


  • Vendor Relationship Management: Leases

    Have you been managing leases in Excel? Learn how you can easily manage leases in Intacct, see monthly payment amounts, products leased, and auto-created payment schedules simply by entering the lease begin date, end date, months, and monthly payment. Today’s blog post will give an overview of the leases component of the Vendor Relationship Management Module.


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