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Global Tax Talk

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    CLA UK Tour  — Leg 1 in Manchester, January 16

    I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holiday and new year break and all of us in the accounting and tax profession got the greatest present yet (?!) when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was finally signed by President Trump on December 22, 2017. Now the time and work starts in earnest to digest, analyse, and help our clients in what it means for them and what it is we can do for them to add value and opportunities.


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    Tax Reform: Businesses (Outbound) — Part 2

    As I write this next article, the House has just approved the tax bill and it now heads to the Senate where many negotiations and changes are likely to befall the act as written. However, not as much or as extensive as the press on the left will have you believe nor as little as those on the right will state; but there will be changes. 


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    Trump’s Tax Reforms and Their Impact on Foreign Taxation

    So, a couple of weeks ago President Trump and the GOP released their long awaited tax reform plans. I want to look at are the points that relate to foreign issues and specifically the changes that are likely to affect an international business operating in the USA; a core part of our client base.


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    What Do International Investors in the US Really Want to Know About the US Tax System?

    Having got back from my travels from Europe I headed straight to D.C. (National Harbour, MD to be precise) for the Select USA investment summit this past weekend.

    I was delighted to be asked to be part of a panel alongside new friends Willie Hornberger and Carol Salaiz discussing the US taxation of individuals investing in and moving to the US. As part of the session we discussed the general considerations around the US tax system and in particular the reporting requirements associated with those individuals that move to the US.


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