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Kevin leads the global tax, accounting, and consulting services for CLA out of New York and has more than 17 years of experience in U.S. international tax compliance. Kevin has developed both a broad and deep knowledge within the realms of U.K. and U.S. international taxation with particular focus on businesses, entrepreneurs, and high net worth families moving and/or expanding from one jurisdiction to another.

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  • Global business

    CLA UK Tour  — Leg 1 in Manchester, January 16

    I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holiday and new year break and all of us in the accounting and tax profession got the greatest present yet (?!) when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was finally signed by President Trump on December 22, 2017. Now the time and work starts in earnest to digest, analyse, and help our clients in what it means for them and what it is we can do for them to add value and opportunities.


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    Tax Reform: Businesses (Outbound) — Part 2

    As I write this next article, the House has just approved the tax bill and it now heads to the Senate where many negotiations and changes are likely to befall the act as written. However, not as much or as extensive as the press on the left will have you believe nor as little as those on the right will state; but there will be changes. 


  • Growth

    Trump’s Tax Reforms and Their Impact on Foreign Taxation

    So, a couple of weeks ago President Trump and the GOP released their long awaited tax reform plans. I want to look at are the points that relate to foreign issues and specifically the changes that are likely to affect an international business operating in the USA; a core part of our client base.


  • Are The Brits Still Coming…?!

    Despite all of the political backbiting and copious amounts of copy and coverage that Trump has garnered, I have still seen a great appetite for UK businesses that are able to see through all this bluster and concentrate on what matters most to them.


  • Big Ben clock

    Nexia Day 2017

    Nexia is celebrating our connections by officially declaring September 13, 2017, “Nexia Day.”


  • ITIN, SSN, EIN: What Are They, Why Are They Important, and Do I Need One?

    Apologies for the radio silence, summer brings with it travel of all kinds but sometimes those with the family if you’re lucky. My colleagues Dave Springsteen and Mike Smith have been talking about new rules published by the IRS with regards to ITIN applications and renewals. It raised for me the issue that many of […]


  • people looking at paperwork around flags

    What Do International Investors in the US Really Want to Know About the US Tax System?

    Having got back from my travels from Europe I headed straight to D.C. (National Harbour, MD to be precise) for the Select USA investment summit this past weekend. I was delighted to be asked to be part of a panel alongside new friends Willie Hornberger and Carol Salaiz discussing the US taxation of individuals investing […]


  • Flags

    Understanding and Embracing Cultural Differences in Expanding Overseas

    This week has been full of travel, deadlines, meeting with clients, both new and current, as well as being fortunate to meet with colleagues I’ve worked alongside for many years in London. Among the many meetings was one that revolved around the difference in culture between the UK and US, and how that impacts a […]


  • Glass globe

    Sportspersons and Entertainers – Part I

    Just over a week ago I had the privilege to spend a few days with the many colleagues we work alongside in our Nexia network at the international tax conference in Cologne. As part of the conference I was asked to put together some case studies and work alongside my colleagues Julian Hedley, Pablo Gomez-Acebo and Chris […]


  • Putting paper in a box

    Welcome to CLA’s Global Tax Blog

    Welcome to one and all; although mainly to my mum and dad and their friends and family who have been led to believe I’m now a published author.


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