Global Tax Talk

Global Tax Talk

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    What Do International Investors in the US Really Want to Know About the US Tax System?

    Having got back from my travels from Europe I headed straight to D.C. (National Harbour, MD to be precise) for the Select USA investment summit this past weekend.

    I was delighted to be asked to be part of a panel alongside new friends Willie Hornberger and Carol Salaiz discussing the US taxation of individuals investing in and moving to the US. As part of the session we discussed the general considerations around the US tax system and in particular the reporting requirements associated with those individuals that move to the US.


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    Understanding and Embracing Cultural Differences in Expanding Overseas

    his week has been full of travel, deadlines, meeting with clients, both new and current, as well as being fortunate to meet with colleagues I’ve worked alongside for many years in London.

    Among the many meetings was one that revolved around the difference in culture between the UK and US, and how that impacts a businesses decisions and therefore success when a UK business enters the US. It’s an area that comes up frequently and can be discussed at length by the owners of businesses before entering new markets.


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    Sportspersons and Entertainers – Part I

    Just over a week ago I had the privilege to spend a few days with the many colleagues we work alongside in our Nexia network at the international tax conference in Cologne.

    As part of the conference I was asked to put together some case studies and work alongside my colleagues Julian Hedley, Pablo Gomez-Acebo and Chris Leenders with regards to the international tax consequences that are unique to sportspersons and entertainers. Given that much of the work was already done I thought it worthwhile to put together some of what we went over starting with the basics and looking to elaborate on these items later down the line.


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