Paul Neiffer on RFD-TV on Monday January 8

I will be doing a live interview / roundtable on RFD-TV on Monday January 8, 2018.  It will start at 9:00 am CST and there will be a second session at 9:30 CST.  The show should allow for questions, so this will be your chance to get any of your tax bill questions answered (assuming the blog has not answered them yet).

I will be in Nashville on Monday, off set West Point, Mississippi that afternoon for a meeting on Tuesday and then off to Orlando for a CLA meeting.  I will be posting on the road and will keep you updated with anything new that I learn.

  • Principal
  • CliftonLarsonAllen
  • Yakima, Washington
  • 509-823-2920

Paul Neiffer is a certified public accountant and business advisor specializing in income taxation, accounting services, and succession planning for farmers and agribusiness processors. Paul is a principal with CliftonLarsonAllen in Yakima, Washington, as well as a regular speaker at national conferences and contributor at Raised on a farm in central Washington, he has been immersed in the ag industry his entire life, including the last 30 years professionally. In fact, Paul drives combine each summer for his cousins and that is what he considers a vacation. Leave a comment for Paul. If you would like to leave a comment for Paul, follow the link above, however, please make sure to include your email address so that he can reply to your comment (your email address will not automatically show up).

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