• The 3 P’s of Succession Planning

    As advisors, we are actively involved in succession planning for farmers and other businesses.  This is usually a long process and will change over time and as the generations involved grow and mature, their goals will usually change. There are three main goals related to this planning: Protect – The primary goal of any succession […]


  • When No Estate Tax is a Bad Thing

    Most farmers are assuming that since there is no estate tax for 2010, that this must be a good thing for all taxpayers.  The reality is that many farmers may end up paying more in taxes than under the law in effect for 2009.  This is due to the fact that carryover basis will no […]


  • Make Family Meetings Civil Not a War

    As a CPA, I have been involved in many family meetings.  Sometimes, I act as an advisor to the participants.  At other times, I may actually be part of the family that is having the meeting. I remember having a client several years ago that had several children that were actively involved in the business […]


  • Legacy by Design

    One of the shows that I have taped on my DVR each day is AgDay.  It comes on in the morning at 6 am and when I get home from work, that is usually the first thing that I watch on TV.  The parent of AgDay, Farm Journal Media has launched a new monthly TV […]


  • What About 2010 Roth Conversions

    The ROTH IRA has been around for many years.  For many farmers and others that have income over $100,000 annually, they have either been unable to contribute to a ROTH IRA or convert a regular IRA to a ROTH IRA. Starting in 2010, these rules are changing for ROTH IRA’s.  Here are 6 things that you […]


  • Estate Tax Law Changes are Coming

    I have been reading several articles lately on the possible estate tax law changes that will be coming.  The Bush changes from about 8 years ago will be changed and soon. Most agree that the estate exemption will most likely be around $3.5 to $5 million and indexed for inflation.  Also, the gift tax exemption […]


  • Get a Do Over

    Kiplinger magazine has an article on a great way to borrow money from the government on an interest-free basis and, then pay it back and start getting extra benefits.  This method applies to all people who apply for social security.  It allows them to start their benefits at age 62, collect and invest the money until age 70.  […]


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