Legacy Planning

  • Estate Tax Whiplash!

    Thanks to Senate gridlock, taxpayers who are trying to do effective estate tax planning are in for a case of estate tax whiplash over the next few months.  The federal estate tax is due to disappear for one year starting in about two weeks, however, it may reappear unexpectedly and retroactively. When the Senate refused […]


  • New Farmers Get a Helping Hand

    An article in the Denver Post today and in other papers outlined a program in Iowa that is designed go help young non-farmers become farmers by hooking them up with farmers that are ready to retire. This particular program is located in Iowa at Iowa State University and is headed up by Dave Baker.  The program […]


  • For New Farmers (or Old Ones)

    The people behind Successful Farming have developed a network for new farmers called Farmers for the Future.  They have had at least one conference and Loren Kruse, Editor-in-Chief of Successful Farming recapped the key ideas from the last conference. This recap had many good ideas for new farmers, but I think almost all of the […]


  • Thoughts on Estate Planning for Farmers

    I think over the next several months major changes will be made to the estate tax laws.  Right now, each individual can have a tax-free estate of $3.5 million.  Next year it is unlimited, however in 2011, it reverts back to $1.0 million.  I think Congress will make changes this year to make the current […]


  • Millennials−Are You Ready?

    I was one of the last baby boomers (missed the 1950’s by 28 days) and all of my four boys will end up being known as the Millennial generation. Many of these will end up being your employees and the type of compensation and feedback that works for us does not work for them. Chris […]


  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

    The old saying in real estate is that the only three things that matter are location, location, and location. To me, the three things that matter most in succession planning is communicate, communicate, and communicate. Verbal communication between each of the generations involved is the important first step. What does the generation passing on the farm want […]


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