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  • Where’s Waldo (Paul)?

    My children used to like to take a look at the books featuring “Where’s Waldo?”.  My four boys would race to see who could find him first (they usually beat mom and dad to it too).  Once I started doing more traveling, many of my staff will now ask “Where’s Waldo/Paul?”.  So this post will […]


  • 2015 AICPA Ag Conference

    As chairman of the 2015 AICPA Ag Conference, I would like to personally invite all of our readers to this event.  It will be held on Monday July 13, 2015 to Wednesday, July 15, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. On Monday, Chris Hesse and myself will do an all-day optional workshop on farm taxation .  This session will […]


  • STRESS Equals Wedding

    Normally, the mother of the bride would be feeling the most stress at a wedding.  My oldest son got married on Saturday January 3, 2015 (and he definitely married up) and somehow my wife had no stress for this wedding and transferred it all over to me.  First, on the day before the wedding, my wife […]


  • Merry Christmas – 2014

    I would like to extend our wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I have traveled to almost all of the continents and I can safely say that our country enjoys more “gifts” than almost any other country in the world and we should be thankful for it every day. […]


  • Update on Seminars

    Today, I begin my 18 day trip to the Midwest to give many seminars before I fly home (maybe) on Thursday December 18.  I had previously posted my schedule which you can find here, but wanted to update a couple of items. On Wednesday December 17 I will be doing a farm bill seminar for […]


  • A Little Recognition

    Our blog got voted one of the 50 best accounting blogs for 2014 by Accounting Degree Review.  It is always nice to get some recognition, however, what is more important is that there are 49 other accounting related blogs listed that may be of interest to our readers.  I would suggest looking through the list […]


  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    As I spend time in Southern California with my three oldest sons, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels over the holidays.  It looks like the East Coast will have a large storm today and I know this will mess up travel, but try to be like me at the airport.  […]


  • Less Than Two Full Days to Get Your Return Filed

    I think I must have have gotten 10 or more tax returns wrapped up and out the door today but I know I still have at least 20 or more to get finished by Wednesday at 5 PM (actually earlier for me: I am headed to Southern California to play in my two oldest sons […]


  • 68 Days and Counting

    I am a member of the Emerald Club through National Car Rental.   It appears that so far this year I have been in a rental car with that company for 68 days.  As a direct result of that (and other related days away from home) my wife has talked me into taking her on a […]


  • On a Personal Note

    As most know, I attended the Farm Financial Standards Council annual meeting in Billings last week.  This ended at about 11 am on Thursday and that afternoon, I got a tour of the Padlock Ranch which is about 400,000 acres of ranch land located in Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana.  A lot of the acres are […]


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