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  • Another Tax Season Comes to an End

    Tax season is almost ended. I recap my travels during tax season


  • A Lightning Strike

    No tax law update today. Just a story about a lightning strike hitting the airplane I was flying on.


  • Where’s Paul?

    This is a very hectic time of year for me with doing seminars, so I thought I would update everyone where I will be over the next few weeks.


  • Touch Base at the Van Trump Conference

    I am in the Midwest this week and will be speaking at the Van Trump Conference in Kansas City on Wednesday. If any of our readers are there, please make sure to let me know.


  • Get a Deduction for Donation of Raised Farm Products

    Farmers usually get no deduction for donating farm products. However, there is a special provision that allows a deduction of 50% of the fair market value of the farm product in certain situations.


  • Current Year Apple Projections and Data in Thus Far

    Washington Farmers are estimating the current apple harvest to produce 133 million boxes of apples which is up 15% from last year.  Washington is the number one apple producer with New York being far behind in second place.


  • My Weekend of Riding/Driving Combines

    I spent the weekend riding/driving combines. This is my idea of a good time.


  • Woman-Kitchen-Laptop

    An Updated Look and New Email Alerts

    Just like the kids get new clothes for back to school, our blog got a fresh look for fall! Subscribers: keep an eye out for email alerts. They are going to look a little different (and might get caught in your spam folder).


  • Why Farming Is Great

    Last week, my wife and I attended the annual Farm Financial Standards Council meeting in beautiful Ranchester, Wyoming (just north of Sheridan).  The meeting was hosted by the Padlock Ranch and they did a great job of providing a meeting site and dinner and lunch.  I even got to rope a calf (it was a […]


  • FAFSA Reporting Changes

    I get many phone calls during the year regarding the reporting of income tax data for FAFSA purposes in order for a child to get financial aid.  Many times these phones calls lead to heartburn for both the client and myself.  The parent wants to get the data into the college as soon as possible to pin […]


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