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  • My Last ACRE Post for the Year (I Promise!)

    With less than two weeks to sign up for the ACRE program (the date is August 14, which is a Friday) and with most ag offices being understaffed, if you need to sign up for ACRE, I would suggest doing it now. I have read about several meetings where there might be a crowd of […]


  • One More ACRE Posting

    I know my readers are probably getting tired of me writing about the ACRE program, however, I think it is very important for you to review how it affects your farm operation and your landlords.  Marcia Zarley Taylor at DTN has several good postings on how the ACRE program works and how to communicate it to […]


  • Corn Coming out of our “Ears”

    Many are calling the USDA Planted Acreage Report that came out this week “Bloody Tuesday” since the amount of corn acreage planted this year was much higher than what the trade was expecting.  Even though there was a large amount of rain early in the Eastern Corn Belt, three of the Western Corn Belt states, […]


  • The Road From Good To Great

        As a CPA, I review a lot of financial statements.  As part of this review, I try to determine the ratios that separate the business from other businesses in the same industry.  Sometimes these ratios are positive and sometimes they are negative.  For comparing ratios for farmers, a great site is the Farm […]


  • For New Farmers (or Old Ones)

    The people behind Successful Farming have developed a network for new farmers called Farmers for the Future.  They have had at least one conference and Loren Kruse, Editor-in-Chief of Successful Farming recapped the key ideas from the last conference. This recap had many good ideas for new farmers, but I think almost all of the […]


  • Credit Squeeze is Hitting Farmers Now

    It seemed for several months that the credit squeeze was passing farmers by.  However, lately I have ready several acticles about the credit squeeze hitting farms and farmers now.  Frontier Bank in Colorado specialized in loaning to farmers and it went under a couple of months back.  Most of these farmers using the bank were […]


  • Why Strategic Plan Succeed

    In my previous post, I listed six reasons why strategic plans fail.   Strategic plans will succeed if they incorporate three main phases: The first phase is “intuitive thinking ” and it has more of an emotional attachment to it.  This first phase answers the bigger questions such as, “Why are we in business?  Who are our […]


  • Why Strategic Plans Fail

    I found a great article written by Ron Price, CEO of Price Associates, in regarding why strategic plans fail.  At one time, I was in a manufacturing company that periodically performed a strategic plan that had many of the problems brought out in this article. In short, there are six primary reasons why strategic […]


  • The Old Way to Make Money – Earn It!

    I saw a great post by Chuck Schwartau from the University of Minnesota Extension deparment.  The post was related to the dairy industry, but is applies to all farming and any business.  For the last twenty years or so, it seems that most people thought they could make easy money by borrowing more than they […]


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