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  • Volatility – Is it Your Friend of Enemy?!

    Another nugget of information that I got out of the speech by Dr. Boehlje of Purdue University on Wednesday is that accordingto their studies at the school, the volatility associated with agriculture has gone up by 400% in the last few years.  This means that the price swings in ag commodities is now 4 times greater than […]


  • Lock in Low Rates Now!

    Dr. Michael Boehlje, a farm economics professor at Purdue University spoke at out opening day of the National Ag conference of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (I know that is a mouthful).  He gave a 4 plus hour presentation on the agricultural economy both currently and insights into the future. One of the […]


  • How to Allocate Land Purchase?

    We received the following questing regarding our post on the allocation of land purchase to vineyard AVA: “Paul, You cover depreciating improvements on land. I am buying 150 acres in north-central Iowa that is bare ground. It has two county main tile lines running through it, has a blacktop road on one side and a […]


  • Wall Street is Following Ag

    When farm commodity prices are increasing, the coverage of Ag tends increase by the Wall Street press.  In today’s Wall Street Journal, there were two articles related to Ag commodities. In the Ahead of the Tape article, there was a discussion on how the price of cotton going over $1 per pound for only the […]


  • What is a Super Juice?

    I was reading this article on about a “Superfoods Company” Genesis Today revealing a new advertising campaign for their line of “super juices”.  These juices are comprised of fruits that tend to have a perceived health benefit such as anti-oxidants, etc.  Fruits involved are cranberry, pomegranate, acai and most berries. Their campaign will strive […]


  • You Do Not Need to Own Any Land to Farm

    Moe Russell, of Russell Consulting Group wrote a very good article in the Corn and Soybeans Digest clear back in 2007 on the fact that you do not need to own land to be a farmer.  I personally think in today’s environment, most farmers who already own a bunch of land with no debt are […]


  • Pre Crop-Tour Comments

    I am flying out of Seattle early Sunday morning and meeting up with my farm partner at the Kansas City airport.  We are then driving up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to meet up with all of the Crop Tour participants that are doing the western leg of the tour. The plan is to spend […]


  • US Farm Managers are on a Roll

    I was skimming through the website the other day and came across an article on how US Farm Managers are enjoying the benefits of the Baby Boom Generation of farm land transfer and the continued high farm land prices. Most of these larger national farm managers went through crisis in the early to mid […]


  • The Old Way to Make Money – Earn It!

    I saw a great post by Chuck Schwartau from the University of Minnesota Extension deparment.  The post was related to the dairy industry, but is applies to all farming and any business.  For the last twenty years or so, it seems that most people thought they could make easy money by borrowing more than they […]


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