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  • Top Producer Seminar – First Day

    The Top Producer Seminar started out today with a bang.  Peter Zeihan with Stratfor Group gave an interesting presentation on the economic outlook in general and for ag.  It was very interesting to see a map with an outline of the world’s river systems and how that has affected the world’s economy over the last […]


  • See You in Chicago

    On Monday, my wife and I will be traveling to Chicago for the Top Producer seminars that begin on Tuesday.  Tuesday is set aside for the Tomorrow’s Top Producer and I will be speaking at a breakout session dealing with what is the right entity selection for a beginning Top Producer. The main Top Producer […]


  • Executive Women in Agriculture Conference – Recap

    After a long flight home Friday night, I have had a couple of days to reflect on the the First Annual Conference for Executive Women in Agriculture and here are my conclusions: American Agribusiness should be proud of the women who are active in running a farm or an agribusiness.  Based upon the women that […]


  • Evidence of Combine Operation

    I have been teased by several readers that there appears to be no evidence that I operated a combine on my farm road trip.  Here is a photo of me operating a brand new John Deere Combine on the Hohenberger farmer in Illinois.  Now, there is probably no evidence that I performed all combine operations […]


  • Day Three of the Farm Trip

    Yesterday I spent the day near Independence, Iowa with Chris Barron of Carson and Barrron Farms, Inc. Chris and his team of farmers farm about 7,000 acres along with a custom farming and seed sales business. I will write a later blog on what his team is doing. We spent most of the day moving […]


  • FFSC – Day Two (Session Two)

    Danny Klinefelter from Texas A & M was the second speaker of the day and his discussion on Peer Advisory Groups and Continuous Management Improvements.  The studies from about 1,100 top producers around the US over the last several years attending the TEPAP conference show that only about 50% were using cash flow budgets and […]


  • TEPAP – Final Conclusions

    I spent all of last week attending the TEPAP conference in Austin, Texas.  This intensive 7 day conference is put on by Professor Danny Klinefelter of Texas A & M University.  Each day’s session would normally have two different topics covered by some of the best presenters in the farm business. I would highly recommend […]


  • TEPAP – Final Day

    After six great days of presentation, we have finally come to the last day of the TEPAP conference.  This is only a morning session and our presentation on public relations plans was giving by Moe Russell of the Russell Consulting Group. Moe shared that we had 3 sets of good time in the last 100 […]


  • TEPAP – Day 6 Afternoon Session

    Michael Mazzocco, Director at Verdant AgriBusiness Consultants, presented the afternoon session of day 6 of the TEPAP conference.  This session was on Market Growth Strategies for farmers. To grow your farm revenues, you have seven degrees of freedom: Increase sales – same customers; same product mix Existing products; new customers New products – same or […]


  • TEPAP – Day 1

    All this week I am at the The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) in Austin, Texas.  This is an all week intensive program put on by the Texas A & M University and hosted by Danny Klinefelter.  I am very excited to attend the program and will try to post at least one blog […]


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