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  • Top Farmer – Day 2, Session 1

    Since I have my laptop with me today, I am going to try to do a separate post on each session for today’s Top Farmer Conference.  Yesterday’s sessions were very informative and I hope today is even better. First session today is an update on Ethanol and Bio-Diesel production presented Scott Irwin of the University […]


  • Even Entertainment Weekly Thinks Farmers are Cool

    Dodge ran a 2 minute commercial during the Super Bowl utilizing the Paul Harvey “On the 8th Day God created Farmers”.  I thought it was one of the best commercials during the game and Entertainment Weekly thought the same thing.  It was very well done and we just wanted to say how proud we are […]


  • Columbia Basin Region Second to California in Diversified Crop Production

    One of our local newspapers – The Tri-Cities Herald –  is running a 29 part series on the various types of crops that are grown in the Columbia Basin region of Washington and  Oregon.  So far, they have run about 10 parts, but it is an excellent review of the various crops grown in the part […]


  • Maximize Your Current Land Revenue!

    In a meeting with one of my clients in Northern Illinois yesterday, we discussed one of their options for increasing their current land holdings without adding more land.  They are in an area where farmland is costing $12,000 or more and none is available.  Additionally, land rents are approaching or exceeding $400 per acre. One […]


  • What is the Right Equipment Size?

    I was riding on the tractor on Wednesday with Chris Barron, my fellow columnist for Top Producer magazine, and we had a good discussion about how farming is different from other “manufacturing” operations when it comes to the right equipment size. In most manufacturing operations, the weather plays no role in the production process.  The […]


  • The Iowa Farmland Premium

    On Tuesday, I had a quick meeting at our Des Moines office.  After that,  I met Moe Russell at the local Village Inn for a quick cup of coffee (or in my case, a Coke since my mother bred out of me the coffee gene).  Moe and I caught up with business and then had […]


  • Number of Farms Get Smaller, But They Produce More

    Most of you are aware that the number of farms in the US continues to get smaller, but they produce more and more.  In the dairy sector, one report from the Idaho Dairymen’s Association indicated in 2008, there were over 800 dairies in the state of Idaho.  Just three years later, this number had dropped […]


  • Join Us At the Commodity Classic

    Tomorrow I head out from warm and sunny Yakima, Washington (after 4 inches of snow the night before) and travel to Nashville, Tennessee for the Commodity Classic.  I will be walking the trade show on Friday and on Saturday, Nick Houle from our Minneapolis office will be giving a keynote speech on estate planning from […]


  • Update on 2021 Apple Production

    It is not too often that we do a post on fruit ag news, but we just recently came across an article in the Good Fruit Grower which is based in my home city of Yakima, Washington. In the article, a Washington State agricultural economist predicted the apple production in the state for 2021.   For […]


  • Top Producer Seminar – Day Two

    Wow, what an action packed day.  First, breakfast was at 6 am to get the day started.  At 7 am, we had the taping of the show for the US Farm Report to air this weekend. At 8:15, my breakout sessions started.  Each one last 55 minutes and were back-to-back-to-back.   I thought the last session […]


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