• Don’t Trade-in Equipment – Sell it Instead

    As a tax advisor, I would normally tell my farm clients to always do a like-kind exchange on their farm equipment.  This would normally result in trading-in an older piece of equipment for a newer one of higher value to defer the tax on the old farm equipment. However, for 2009, there are many cases […]


  • Joint Ownership of Machinery

    With the ever increasing cost of new and used farm machinery, it may pay for farmers to enter into joint ownership of certain farm machinery.  Probably the best type of machinery to have in joint ownership would be combines, sprayers and drills.  This type of equipment is usually only used at certain times of the […]


  • World SuperBike Races

    (Warning – this post does not have anything on farming) My wife and I attended the World SuperBike races in Tooele, Utah this weekend.  I currently ride a BMW K 1200 S similar to the photo posted here.  I grew up riding small dirt bikes and had not been on a sports bike for about […]


  • Great way to test for moisture

    On a recent episode of Agday, there was a small feature on a product from Reichhardt called a minibatt.  This is a very small hand-held portable combine that allows the farmer to harvest a small amount of grain and get a very quick reading on moisture levels of the crop.   I know growing on our farm, […]


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