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  • What Will be The February Insurance Price

    February sets the price level for crop insurance on Corn, Beans and some of the other major crops.  Last year’s spring price was $5.68 for corn and $12.55 for beans. We have had 4 trading days for this month out of 20 total and so far the average corn price is $5.89 and the average […]


  • Even Entertainment Weekly Thinks Farmers are Cool

    Dodge ran a 2 minute commercial during the Super Bowl utilizing the Paul Harvey “On the 8th Day God created Farmers”.  I thought it was one of the best commercials during the game and Entertainment Weekly thought the same thing.  It was very well done and we just wanted to say how proud we are […]


  • It May Pay to Fill Out Your Ag Census Online

    Every five years the Department of Agriculture sends out a very detailed census form for farmers to prepare and send back.  We have already discussed this form with several farmers and as usual it can be very hard to follow the paper form.  We have found preparing the form online can save some time and […]


  • KC Fed Reports Drought-Reduced Income Boost Farm Loans

    The Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank just released their third quarter Agricultural Credit Conditions report.  The report indicated that the drought caused lower farm income for the quarter which caused farmers to increase their farm operating loans.  Capital spending plummeted in the quarter.  This could have been caused by the drought or perhaps the lower […]


  • Some Interesting Ag Cooperative Facts

    The USDA issues a bi-monthly newsletter on the Farm Cooperative industry and the latest issue had some interesting facts: Minnesota has the highest number of coops (a distinction held since 1900) with 203.  Texas is second with 187 followed by North Dakota and California.  These numbers are based upon the number of Coops with headquarters […]


  • Farming and Rural Indexes Grow

    The Rural Mainstreet Index put out by Creighton University climbed to its highest level since June of this year.  The index had been flat or lower due to the drought during the previous three months, but with the report released last month, it rose to a solid 56.6 from September’s weak 48.3.  It was the […]


  • Updated Harvest Prices

    Although the final corn and bean harvest prices have not been officially revealed, the University of Illinois in their FarmDoc daily blog, just released their final harvest estimate.  Back on October 11, I posted a guess of the final corn price being $7.55 per bushel.  FarmDoc indicates a final price of $7.50 (I was a […]


  • Is This Farm Boom Different?!

    The Kansas City Federal Reserve just released an issue of their Main Street Economist report that summarized their 2012 Agricultural Symposium held in July.  We had previously done a quick post on this, but the latest issue does an extremely good job of summarizing the data presented at the Symposium. History does seem to repeat […]


  • Where Will Harvest Price End Up For Crop Insurance?

    The USDA report that came out this morning appeared to have a bullish bias to it.  Corn and Beans were up at least 20 cents and wheat was not too far behind. As of today prices, it appears the average corn price for the month of October for the harvest crop pricing is about $7.50 […]


  • Columbia Basin Region Second to California in Diversified Crop Production

    One of our local newspapers – The Tri-Cities Herald –  is running a 29 part series on the various types of crops that are grown in the Columbia Basin region of Washington and  Oregon.  So far, they have run about 10 parts, but it is an excellent review of the various crops grown in the part […]


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