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  • Top Farmer – Day 2 – Last Session

    The final session of the day was presented by Marcos Fava Neves of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil on the Brazilian Agriculture Perspective. Marcos is based near Sao Paulo which does not have much soybean or corn production in the area.  Rather, they are in the heart of sugar cane country and Ethanol plants.  Marcos […]


  • Top Farmer Day 1 – Session 2

    My next recap is in regards to the “Crop Markets in Transition” presented by Darrel Good of the University of Illinois.  Darrel noted that there is the potential for a 14 billion bushel crop with added production in South America, it may be tough to meet the export estimates by USDA.  Ethanol consumption should pick […]


  • Remember, Corn is Not Just Grown in the Corn Belt

    With today’s release of the USDA acreage report, it is becoming more apparent that the production of corn is rapidly expanding outside of the corn belt.  North Dakota (3.9 million acres) for 2013 has almost planted as much acreage to corn as Ohio (3.95 million acres). My father was born in South Dakota and was […]


  • ACRE Produces Higher Payouts Than New Farm Bill Proposals

    Gary Schnitkey of the University of Illinois just released an excellent analysis of the projected crop payments under the old ACRE program or the proposed Senate ARC or House RLC or House PLC programs.  As most know, under the old Farm Bill, a farmer could elect to participate in the ACRE program in return for […]


  • Update on 2012 Crop Insurance Losses

    Farm Doc Daily from the University of Illinois just release an extremely good article updating the total net crop losses incurred during 2012.  As most of us are aware, 2012 resulted in the highest amount of indemnity payments ever paid under the crop insurance system at slightly more than $17 billion.  2010 was in second […]


  • Corn & Bean Prices Are Approaching the Spring Price

    As I type this post, December corn futures are currently trading at $5.59 and November beans futures are at $12.84.  Both of these prices are within a few pennies of the spring price that was set based on the average February prices of these futures contracts ($5.65 and $12.87, respectively).  It is interesting that after […]


  • Will This Time Be Different?

    The Kansas City Federal Reserve just released a workpaper entitled “Farm Investment and Leverage Cycle: Will This Time Be Different?”.  The article describes the four major farm cycles that have occurred since 1900.  The first cycle begin in 1910 and ended in 1940.  The First World War caused farm prices to rise dramatically which led […]


  • Irrigated Cropland Values Up Sharply Due to Drought

    The Kansas City Federal Reserve issued their latest Agricultural Credit Conditions report for the 4th quarter of 2012.  Due to the widespread drought in their area, irrigated cropland values saw a 13 percent jump in the 4th quarter alone and up 30% for the year.  Cash rental rates for irrigated cropland also surged more than […]


  • Another Bill to Reduce Farm Payments is Introduced!

    Four Senators (two Democrats and two Republicans) this week introduced a bill “The Farm Program Integrity Act of 2013” to place a cap on farm payments that an individual farmer can receive and try to close “certain perceived” loopholes in the farm payment program.  This bill closely follows language that was included in the original […]


  • What Will be The February Insurance Price

    February sets the price level for crop insurance on Corn, Beans and some of the other major crops.  Last year’s spring price was $5.68 for corn and $12.55 for beans. We have had 4 trading days for this month out of 20 total and so far the average corn price is $5.89 and the average […]


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