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  • Wind Energy Report Card

    We have several farm clients in Washington and Oregon that either are getting royalty checks from wind turbines or will be getting these checks in the near future.  In many cases, the income from wind turbines is substantially higher than the income from traditional farming. In many cases, one turbine can generate in excess of […]


  • Corn Coming out of our “Ears”

    Many are calling the USDA Planted Acreage Report that came out this week “Bloody Tuesday” since the amount of corn acreage planted this year was much higher than what the trade was expecting.  Even though there was a large amount of rain early in the Eastern Corn Belt, three of the Western Corn Belt states, […]


  • Senate Report Finds Excessive Speculation in Wheat Markets

    A Senate Subcommitee spent the past year investigating the impact of index funds on the wheat market.  They concluded that all of this new money flooding into index funds distorted the market.  The 247 page report released on June 24, 2009 summarized their findings as follows: 1.  Excessive speculation in wheat. Index Traders increased future prices […]


  • Be Careful of Organic Demand

    For several years, farmers who grew organic crops were able to generate higher returns than non-organic farmers.  However, with the current recession, those days may be coming to an end. Organic farmers are required to meet tough standards to have their crops and food products branded as organic.  Generally, they are not able to use […]


  • The Evolution of the U.S. Corn Ethanol Industry

    In a recent article in the Regional Economic Development publication of the Federal Reserve of St. Louis, the three primary phases of the U. S. Corn Ethanol industry were documented. These primary phases are: Birth – the events surrounding the oil shocks of the 1970’s from the OPEC price increases Development – The decline in […]


  • Credit Squeeze is Hitting Farmers Now

    It seemed for several months that the credit squeeze was passing farmers by.  However, lately I have ready several acticles about the credit squeeze hitting farms and farmers now.  Frontier Bank in Colorado specialized in loaning to farmers and it went under a couple of months back.  Most of these farmers using the bank were […]


  • Stimulus Package May Benefit the Ag Industry

    House Democrats proposed last week an $825 billion stimulus measure including $275 billion in tax breaks and $550 billion in spending that touches almost every area of the economy including agriculture. The bill included $245 million for the Farm Credit Service Agency to purchase a computer system to considered necessary to implement the 2008 Farm […]


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